At MB&G our relationships with our customers are a partnership. We combine our knowledge and expertise in claims handling & administration with your sales experience. Doing it this way means both parties enjoy the most profitable results – after all, we only make our money once you’ve made yours.

If you’re looking to capture and retain customers in the automotive, leisure and domestic sectors, MB&G is your specialist one-stop shop.

Our flexible, high quality service means that we can tailor our products to suit you and your business, whatever its size. We provide a comprehensive range of warranty products, with funding methods that are matched to your needs. We can also help generate additional profit opportunities and boost customer retention with products including:

  • GAP / Return to Invoice insurance
  • MOT test cover
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Tyre Cover
  • Scratch & dent cover

MB&G provide added value with:

  • Sales and After Sales Training provision
  • FCA compliance training and advice (if required)
  • Experience in assisting with customer retention

MB & G have also developed a range of Dealer Marketing material. These can be printed out and used as point of sale and to use in your existing internet advertising.

For more information, please contact us on 0191 259 6378.