What is E-warranty?

In its simplest form it is a way of registering policies online (instead of the old fashioned way of writing out proposal forms). However, the system has many more features enabling it to be used for FCA compliance and even to submit warranty claims online. We have 2 versions for dealers to choose from: The standard online policy registration version and the FCA compliance version, complete with IDD, Demands and Needs, Recommendations, and policy entry.

The benefits of E-warranty

For a decade MB&G Insurance has been at the forefront of innovative technology specifically designed for the Motor Industry and our IT solutions are the envy of the Insurance industry. Our web based Electronic Data Management Systems are designed to minimise dealer administration whilst providing detailed management reports of all levels of activity including sales per dealership in real time, by area, by franchise and by product.

  • Policy registration on line ensures customer is on risk immediately, eliminating the risk of paper loss.
  • Customer registration certificate together with full terms and conditions printed in real time.
  • Claims handling on line for service departments eliminating time on telephone.
  • Customer facing screen for sales departments to offer full range of dealer products including those not supplied by us, yes we can even include your own product portfolio.

How to use E-warranty

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