MB&G has launched a specially designed WAV warranty cover for drivers with Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.

This cover – designed specifically for the WAV market in consultation with motor dealers and convertors – is designed to manage and fund the repair process if a WAV owner’s vehicle breaks down because of a mechanical or electrical fault.  Cover levels are flexible in order to meet the requirements of dealers and their customers, while the entire claims process is handled by specialists, including recovery and repair.

MB&G’s WAV Assured Cover includes:

  • Comprehensive cover in the event of the mechanical or electrical breakdown of components
  • Cover included for Batteries, Oil Seals, Timing Belt, Radiator, Heater Matrix, Oil Cooler, Casings and Working Materials
  • Option to cover WAV Convertor modifications
  • Nationwide cover
  • 24 Hour Recovery and Roadside Assistance cover available
  • Packages can be arranged for up to 3 years
  • Unlimited number of claims
  • Professional claims handlers providing a prompt and efficient service


A bespoke WAV Assured Scheme is designed to deliver the following benefits to the vehicle retailer:

What How Benefits
1 Fixed price Rates are set in advance depending upon the product and services required Dealer has a fixed cost to work to, making budgeting and profit calculation more certain.


2 Recovery option available (scheme being upgraded) A third party provider is contracted to deliver a specialist service Dealer personnel are not required to make long off-site visits, with the resulting cost and efficiency savings


3 Contacts managed by telephone and email Contacts are handled in a prescriptive manner and noted for future reference. Claims calls are recorded automatically. The process can be improved and modified over time. Dealer and MB&G can utilise the reports to improve the product and the customer experience.


4 Bespoke cover levels The cover levels can be developed specifically in line with the Dealer product offering Ensuring the best product fit will maximise customer satisfaction from the product experience


5 Risk removed from Dealer No contingent liability held by Dealer No cash accounting reserve is required for this risk, thus releasing funds for use elsewhere


6 Data captured and managed From customer contacts to claims parts and labour data Early product issue identification and ever improving customer service


7 Profit opportunities for Dealer All the products can be structured to provide ‘sell-up’ options


More profit for Dealer
8 Timely technical reporting Reports are same day Issues are identified quickly


9 Re-solicitation schemes facilitated Expired product data available in order for customer re-solicitation Further profit and customer contact/lock-in opportunities for Dealer


10 Repair costs and logistics managed From problem identification, through recovery, to repair logistics and costs all aspects are managed outside of Dealer. Money saved and resources released within Dealer


11 Sales process developed and supported Cross- industry expertise available to develop and optimise in-house sales processes at Dealer Best in class process developed, maximising customer satisfaction and profit


12 Product evolution and development Partnership approach with continuous development All parties striving for the same goals working together and learning at the same time


13 Flexible bespoke administration platform The platform can support many different product types No restrictions from old legacy systems. Rapid deployment of agreed changes


14 Real-time management information and interrogation Dealer staff can input, edit, and interrogate What you need, when you need it. No additional costs. No waiting


15 Data integrity Checks built in to management system Increased integrity of reporting and management information


16 Economy of scale MB&G does this for lots of customers all of the time Best practice solutions and cost savings to Dealer. 
17 Dedicated personnel We have specialists in each area of the business: claims handling; marketing; data analysis; product development, etc


All the expertise is included
18 Structured warranty product with terms and conditions Customers   and Dealer know exactly what the terms of cover are, and who is responsible for what Controls customer expectation, customer satisfaction / dissatisfaction, and costs



Please contact us for further details, or register to become a dealer.