MB&G are delighted to announce our latest exciting partnership


We are constantly looking to offer new and innovative products and services and in Supremecoat, we believe we have found what will become the market leading product in caravan and motorhome paintwork protection.




Paint protection is nothing new – it’s been around for over 40 years. The concept is to protect your caravan or motorhomes paintwork from deteriorating, which is caused by harmful chemicals contained in today’s environment, such as road salt, chemical fallout and acid rain. Most paint protection products use a polymer based paint sealant, which creates a temporary, sacrificial soft layer that can typically wash off after 2-3 months.


Lifeproof is formulated from advanced Nano Ceramic technology, which creates a high gloss, permanent finish that can only be applied by our network of trained, approved applicators and is backed up by a lifetime guarantee*. This ceramic barrier adds protection against the suns UV rays, acid rain, road salt, tree sap and environmental pollution. It means that you now have the freedom of choice of how you want to have you caravan or motorhome cleaned – even jet washing will not invalidate your guarantee.




What’s more, Lifeproof Interior Protection is the most super hydrophobic coating available and can be applied to any textile and leather surface. Surfaces coated with Lifeproof are protected from liquid spills and damaging chemicals that may stain or discolour the interior surface. Lifeproof reduces the surface energy, so that when liquids come into contact with it, they form beads and simply roll off.



To find out more, visit www.supremecoat.com. This specialist product can only be applied by our trained and approved network of applicators.

To offer these products in your showroom, to join this network or to simply arrange a demonstration, please contact us on 0191 258 8199.