Reference: AM Online article 15/08/2018 in Peoples News.  Click here.


MB&G Insurance has appointed former Motorway Direct dealer network specialist Robert Maybank as its new business development manager.

The Aros Holdings Group-owned operation in Newcastle-upon-Tyne has recruited Maybank as part of an ongoing operation to steadily grow the group’s automotive business.

MB&G believe that in Maybank they have “secured a highly experienced, well connected and proven individual”.

MB&G Insurance’s managing director, David Brock, said: “With the depth of commitment and expertise that he will bring, he can demonstrate to large dealer groups and smaller independents, the benefits of working with MB&G on a number of levels.

“The ongoing development of our product range and recruitment of key personnel gives MB&G the solid base upon which to build our brand and enhance our growing reputation.

“We’ve got an excellent range of products and some exciting new developments and the future is very bright.”

  • Author:  Elizabeth Howlett

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