introducing Lifetime Warranty

from MB&G Insurance


One low monthly premium

for the Lifetime of your van


Comprehensive levels of component cover (Gold or Silver Cover available)

with no reduction in cover level for the Lifetime of your van


Unlimited number of claims

within the Lifetime of your van


No excess to pay on claims

with no sneaky increased excess applied during the Lifetime of your van


Cancel at any time you choose

within the Lifetime of your van


Purchase warranties online and start cover straight away

        purchase a Lifetime caravan warranty or Lifetime motorhome warranty today


Available on Caravans & Motorhomes

Lifetime Caravan Information

Lifetime Motorhome information


For full details speak to the specialist Lifetime warranty department.

  • Call 0191 258 8199
  • Email contactus@mbginsurance.com
  • Complete our enquiry form below
  • Buy a warranty online from our MB&G Direct website


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