What to do in the event of a warranty claim.

Please consult your warranty book for more information.

Click here to make a claim

NB: If the vehicle shows signs of imminent failure, DO NOT continue to use it. This may cause further damage for which you will be responsible. Please contact us. We will not pay for any stripping down of parts to determine the cause of failure unless we accept the claim. The maximum we will pay in total is shown on your schedule.

Take your vehicle to the supplying dealer, or if they do not have a workshop, to a local repairer of your choice.

To find an approved motorhome or caravan repairer in your area please click here.

The repairer should then contact us to provide a full detailed estimate complete with parts and labour costs and a description of the cause of failure. They will also need to supply proof of service history, the policy holders name, policy number, registration and current mileage.

This information should be submitted online here.

Alternatively it can be emailed to: claims@mbginsurance.com

Alternatively the information can be faxed to: 0191 258 8104

Alternatively the repairer can call: 0191 259 6378

What to do in the event of a GAP or VRI claim

Please download a claim form and email to: gap@mbginsurance.com

Alternatively please call us on 0191 258 8154 and request a claim form.

We will post you a claim form which must be completed and returned along with any requested documentation.


Repairer Invoices

Once authorisation has been given and the repair has been carried out then the repairer should invoice MB&G Insurance Services and post it to:

MB&G Insurance Services, Cobalt Business Exchange, Cobalt Park Way, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE28 9NZ.

Computer generated invoices (not scanned copies) may be emailed to the following email address: